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Where Do We Go Now, Mon Ami

When I was young,
my future seemed clear.
Daddy lived for whisky,
and mamma lived in fear.
But when he passed away,
I heard my mamma say:
“Where do we go now, Mon Ami?”

I left the school for a job at the mill.
Learned about the unions and the men behind the deals.
But when the boss had his doubt,
he soon kicked me out.
So where do we go now, Mon Ami?

When I was broke, and the rent became due,
and the schlocker letter said, he had to leave too.
Oh yeah, but no one cares,
until it happens to you.
So where do we go now, Mon Ami?

So one day I decided,
I had just about enough.
I went back to the boss at the mill,
and told him to get off his job.
“Man, I broke my back for you,
and now things are getting really tough.”
So where do we go now, Mon Ami?
But he just turned around and laughed:
“Get out of here and go to Hell.”
So that’s where we go now, Mon Ami!
Ja, vi gør.

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