Gasolin & Kim Larsen

Diskografi – Tekster – Lyrics

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Mrs. Boogie Woogie

Mrs. Boogie-Woogie had a midnite ball
Oh yeah, what a night
So she invited Mr. Frogg to the dancin’ hall
Oh yeah, what a night
She Stood on the floor
And cried for more
Cried for more

And so he talked for an hour ’bout her beautiful eyes
But later alligator she discovered his lies
Yeah ’cause he told her to stay
And then he just jumped away
Hey hey hey

And little Willi-Billi was a’doin’the rock
He gave Mr. Universe a midnite shock
Yeah ’cause he stole his wife
And the he spoiled her life
Spoiled her life

Johnny-Rendez-Vous was singin’ How do you do?
But Mrs. Boogie-Woogie shouted Who are you?
I am from the land of tenderness
Now don’t get stress my dear!

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