Gasolin & Kim Larsen

Diskografi – Tekster – Lyrics

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I was sitting in the park the sky was getting dark
I was feeling kind of weak when I heard this lady speak
she said, mister follow me I know what you need
got a place down the street
I’ll satisfy your needs I’ll give you what you need

So we came to her place and she painted her face
Ulyala was her name and I was her game
she took me up to the top all the way up
then she dropped me like a stone
she said, leave me alone why don’t you leave me alone
you’re no good bum get back to the slum!

It is ten years ago but I think you should know
I was living in a nightmare walking in a dream
lost in the city didn’t have a dime
it was a pretty hard time

I was hungry for food I was hungry for love
I was sleeping in the doorway of Saint Andrews Church
too proud to beg and too proud to steal
too proud to be real

Ulyala be good to me tonight
Ulyala be good to me tonight
Ulyala be good to me tonight
Ulyala be good to me tonight

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