Rabalder - Gasolin & Kim Larsen Kopi Band

Bingo (UK)


Larsen / Gasolin - Malone

Bingo, Bingo where've you been
- Just messing around.
Bingo, Bingo - How's your head -
Hey - leave me alone -
I was down in the valley
just tried to drink myself away
And forget this world.
- Like yesterday.

Bingo, Bingo where is your wife -?
- I don't care.
Bingo, Bingo who’s that girl -
She's my little private pearl
Well she's maybe a lil'too fat
But for me she's good enough
Just for today -
Take care she don't stay.

Bingo, Bingo, give us a dime
Yeah Kids, some other time
Bingo, Bingo, sing your song
- I'm getting along.
Don'tcha worry 'bout the money
just try and go and have a little fun,
- and carry on,
Just carry on
Just carry on
Just carry on