Rabalder - Gasolin & Kim Larsen Kopi Band

Anna Lee


Gasolin - Malone

She is sittin in the lonely saloon
Oh every night
Yeah every night
She is lookin' at the mirror in the bar
Will he come
Will he come

Anna-Lee, do you wonder who it's gonna be
Anna-Lee, how is it to be free
Anna-Lee, you really had them all

Now she's sittin' another new friend
Oh once again
Yeah once again
But for him it's only a game
What a shame
Chorus -

But in the morning when the magic is gone
She's all alone
She's pacin' up and down the floor
In her one-room-flat
She's lookin' from the window
But she don't see nothing at all
Ah but in the evening she paints
Her face for one more round
Chorus -