Rabalder - Gasolin & Kim Larsen Kopi Band

Sing my song


Gasolin / Steven Lemberg

Come on people help me sing my song
The bottle is empty
And my baby's gone
Im feeling like
My life's gone wrong
I need some help to carry on

Help me people help me sing my song

Sing a song
Nanana...etc (X3)

Come on brothers help me sing my song

What do I got to be thankful for?
Lady luck threats me like a whore
Im in a blissard like a one eyed man
As he reaches in his pocket
with his only good hand

Help me people help me sing my song
We're all brothers and sisters and pawns
We're all high rollers in the same bogus game
Lets drink together and share the pain

My wallet is flatter than "One eyed Jack's"
I even lay my body round the railroad track
If you ever watch two trains collide
Im comitting suicide...

Sing a song
Nanana etc (X3)